To our Friends,


When was the last time you let yourself experience joy? Our 2020 mantra, Choose Joy, was created at the end of 2019. By spring, like all of you, we felt truly tested. Choosing Joy felt like a challenge rather than a mantra. Between so many moments of grief and uncertainty this year, joy has existed too. Savoring these moments of joy has been so critical for us.


For us at L’Nique, we’ve found joy in you.


During this year of ups and downs, you have stuck with us. When PPE was hard to access, you trusted us for your face coverings. When events began to grow, we were one of your first calls. Even when you called with your umpteenth change after multiple adjustments, you didn’t cancel. Your faith and trust in us continue to bring us joy.


Savoring these moments of joy with you have been critical for our future. When we reflect back on why we started buy accutane 2021 our business over 22 years ago, it was for the relationships. Relationships with our clients and customers, and also the meaningful relationships we have cultivated within our L’Nique family. In these challenging times, we know the people we have surrounded ourselves with – you – have the most meaningful impact.


So thank you. This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy a beautiful holiday season filled with joy.


Angela Klodnick & Deidre Dockman

L’Nique Founders and Co-Owners

22 Years of Celebrating You…