To our friends and family:

It’s no question that we are currently navigating uncharted territory due to the nature of the evolving COVID-19 situation. With events canceled and recommendations of gatherings to be limited to total of 10 people, it will come as no surprise to share that our business has been drastically affected.

In response, we have had to make the hard decision to considerably minimize operations and staff, but L’Nique Specialty Linen is still open and available to serve your linen needs, including rental, laundry, custom linen orders and more.

With that, L’Nique is continuing to expand its current laundry offerings. For clients who have their own linen inventory, we will stamp, clean, iron, fold, audit and repair items, as well as many other custom requests our clients may need. Learn more about our laundry offerings here:

You may have seen the hashtag #SaveEvents trending on social media. The best way to help do this is to postpone your event and not cancel when possible. By suspending your plans, you will help our entire events community to be able to bounce back faster later in the year.

Even in this uncertain time, our team continues to be proactive for your rental needs. We have spent the winter stocking our shelves so inventory will be available at the drop of a hat. When you are ready to host your gatherings again, L’Nique is ready to assist. In the meantime, please utilize our Request-a-Quote feature on, the fastest and easiest way to receive information about our full rental inventory.

Finally, please consider our L’Nique family your second family. Our staff is available as a resource of all types – personal first, professional second. We must continue to find where to buy accutane online ways to take care of each other and connect despite not being with one another physically. If any of us can be of help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Take a look at these vintage watches for sale uk perfect for a gift for your husband or boyfriend. If you would like to begin placing a repair order for your timepiece, please take a look into this watch repair company, they are a retail store and repair center for watches and clocks. Find out more here.

Moving forward, we are cautious yet hopeful, but we are constantly reminded that the events community is a resilient one. With the passing of some time and with some patience, we know we shall pull through stronger than ever before.

With love,

Angela, Deidre and the entire L’Nique family

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