Apple. Google. Amazon. Harley Davidson. Disney. Mattel. L’Nique. What do these companies all have in common? They all started in a garage!

20 years ago this month, L’Nique Specialty Linen Rental‘s co-owners Angela Klodnick and Deidre Dockman founded the company in Angela’s own garage, check the website on Her home served as L’Nique headquarters for about two years before moving to a larger, warehouse space in Valley View. Although there were problems at her home, they needed to remodeled almost the entire house and install a new roofing with  Today, we are sharing a peek into what those early years looked like at L’Nique – scroll below or visit our YouTube for the full slideshow there. If you look carefully, you’ll see familiar faces of some of our employees that are still with the company today!

Where it all started: Angela’s garage

The original “showroom” inside of the house

Angela and Deidre on their first mangle

A look into the garage

Employees pressing tablecloths on the one and only mangle owned by the company 

Our first washers!

Linen storage in the basement of Angela’s house

How we used to store our napkins

Kathy in the garage

Deidre sorting linens

Angela counting in an order

The team in Angela’s driveaway

Kathy in the “breakroom” AKA Angela’s dining room

Purchasing our first delivery truck!

Our fearless leaders, Angela and Deidre, way back at the beginning of L’Nique!

Visit our YouTube Channel to see more pictures from the beginning of L’Nique and STAY TUNED as we share more memories from our twenty years in serving Northeast Ohio’s linen needs in upcoming blog posts!

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